Thursday, 13 December 2012

Bucket List

1.      Bungee jump
2.      Learn archery
3.      Go canoeing/kayaking for a day
4.      Become decent at golf
5.      Ride an elephant or a camel
6.      Learn to surf
7.      Learn sign language
8.      Go on a hot air balloon ride
9.      Self teach piano
10.   Go scuba diving
11.   Zip line
12.   Ride one of ten of the world’s largest roller coasters
13.   Cliff jump
14.   Go on a cruise
15.   Visit all 7 continents
16.   Experience the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt
17.   Visit all provinces and states
18.   Learn how to and make wine
19.   Make a list of 100 books to read & read them all
20.   Get a masters degree
21.   Get on the front cover of the paper
22.   Volunteer at a soup kitchen
23.   Build habitat 4 humanity home
24.   Be in a movie
25.   Have a child
26.   Volunteer at a pet shelter
27.   Buy a house
28.   Volunteer overseas for a 6 months +
29.   Kiss a dolphin
30.   Pet a panda
31.   Take up yoga
32.   Try to be vegetarian for a month +
33.   Attend a fashion show
34.   Be in a fashion show
35.   Skeleton sledding
36.   Visit Australia
37.   Horseback ride on a beach
38.   Donate blood (If I ever can)
39.   Have $1,000,000 at one point
40.   Visit a haunted house
41.   Write a journal everyday for a year
42.   Donate $1000 + to charity
43.   Walk the Great Wall of China
44.   Pretend to be a Wal-Mart greeter and hug people
45.   Bike the Copper Harbor trail in Michigan
46.   Visit Tunnel of Lights, Japan
47.   Work for a magazine
48.   Experience a Hindu spring tradition aka Holi Festival
49.   Be a bridesmaid
50.   Play hide & seek in a mall
51.   Visit Titanic in a submarine
52.   Donate hair to cancer
53.   Have twins
54.   Sleep on the beach
55.   Lock a lock on Lover’s bridge, Paris
56.   See Northern Lights
57.   Watch ball drop on New Years in New York
58.   Paint the circles on the twister mat & play messy paint twister
59.   Make a list of 100 movies & watch them all
60.   Go a week without phone or internet or television
61.   Bathe in a mud pool
62.   Record singing
63.   Attend World Cup soccer game
64.   See a glacier/stand on one
65.   Photograph an endangered species
66.   Attend Olympics
67.   Take a 365 photo challenge
68.   Send a message in a bottle
69.   Attend a red carpet event
70.   Go wild in Rio during Carnival
71.   Donate money to have my name on something (scholarship, park bench)
72.   Run a marathon
73.   Create family tree
74.   Sleep in a castle
75.   Get another piercing
76.   Buy a car
77.   Go on an African Safari Tour
78.   Learn to drive standard
79.   Adopt an animal
80.   Do Chinese fire drill at a stoplight
81.   Wear colored contacts
82.   Fly a wish lantern in Thailand
83.   Visit Taj Mahal
84.   Dive into the Great Blue Hole in Belize
85.   Dive with sharks
86.   Visit Redwood Forest
87.   Fire a gun
88.   Work at a restaurant
89.   Become tumblr famous
90.   Drink from a coconut
91.   Get braces off
92.   Hold wild cheetah cub
93.   Manage a retail store
94.   Read the Bible
95.   Throw dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands
96.   Paintball
97.   At parking lot, put sticky notes saying “Sorry for the damage” and watch them look everywhere for “damage”
98.   Picture of yourself everyday for a year
99.   Dye hair
100.  Take a picture with a VS model

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