Monday, 5 November 2012

Writing Reflection #8

In the month of October we did a project called 'Newspaper Blackout Poetry'. This was actually my favorite project or assignment so far. I think it was a fun project because everyone's turned out so different. Some people did longer ones, some did shorter ones. Some did jumping around, while others stuck to straight down. I looked at the project and assumed that they would all be quite similar because newspapers aren't that exciting. In the end, there's so much variety to them and that makes for a good project. Newspaper Blackout Poetry does have some challenges to it. One challenge I found was thinking of what to blackout or I guess what to leave the way it was. You kind of have to make the story as you go along and that's tough for me. I did not want to use letters from a bunch of words or jump around a lot, so it was tough to find words that would fit into my poetry correctly. One success I had was my theme. I wanted to focus on love and in the newspaper there are a lot of he's and she's and fighting going on. I think all of my poems fit my theme correctly and I'm proud of that. Newspaper Blackout Poetry is unique because it's not your writing. You're using someone else's writing and writing your own poem inside. You don't decide what words you use, you pick the words out of a selection. All the things so far in this course have been ourselves writing all of the words so this assignment was definitely different. From doing this project, I learned that I like variety. I like doing different things every once in a while to spark my inspiration. Overall, this was a great project and I would recommend it for everyone to try!

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