Monday, 19 November 2012

Writing Reflection #9

I am not quite done my twitter fiction yet. I'm done approximately 20 short story tweets at this point, so 2/3 of the way finished. However, I think once I start posting the ones I do have and seeing how people react, I might be more inspired or able to think outside of the box. Being in a classroom or in school doesn't allow me to think creatively so some of my stories may have the same topic or feel to them. I chose to write a VSS. It's easier for me to be creative and incorporate all of the techniques and tools for writing that we learned if I'm writing a shorter story. I like change and variety, and I assumed that if I wrote a long story it would drag on and I'd run out of cool ideas. There are a few elements that I have yet to include in my twitter fiction. These elements are: taste imagery, a clear "so what", and possibly another character development tweet. Overall, I think I've thought of some interesting stories that differ from one another. There are some with 3 kinds of imagery in them, which makes them detailed and the reader will be able to relate. I think my character development skills need work. I'm not exactly confident in how to explain a character but still tell a story all in a few words. I have thought very shortly about what kinds of images I can include to my tweets. I will continue to try to produce some quality writing and I'm hoping that my twitter fiction turns out okay! Can't wait to start posting!

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