Monday, 5 November 2012

Reading Reflection #8

Boy Proof
Cecil Castellucci
Pages 1-53

This past week I started reading Boy Proof by Cecil Castellucci. So far, it hasn't really been my kind of book. I'm not that interested in the whole technologic, sci-fi thing, but the girl pulls me in to keep reading. She's not like most girls and that's why I'm so interested. I like reading about a variety of people because then I may learn something I didn't know. Going out of my usual reading categories also opens the door for learning. The girl, Victoria, who calls herself Egg after a movie character has qualities or characteristics that are similar to mine. One big thing she talks about is shyness and how she likes to work alone. I think in a way that is like me. Alone time is important in my life and I don't consider myself an outgoing person. There's also this guy that comes in to her life. He starts going into the same clubs and in class he shows her up. I can understand the feeling of jealousy or being frustrated when someone comes in and tries to take over what you've always known or done. Right now, this guy in her life is frustrating her. He is in all the same clubs and I believe most of the same classes. I predict that by the end of the book they will have some sort of love for each other because they have common interests. Sometimes the people that bug you the most are actually really good for you. Overall, I'm interested in reading the rest of this book and creating conversation about it!

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