Saturday, 13 October 2012

Character Iphone

This project was to create an Iphone that a character would be carrying around with them. We made apps to suit the character and also the case design. I decided to do 'Katniss' from The Hunger Games written by Suzanne Collins. Here are the apps and why I decided to pick what I did:

I picked the app Game Center and kept the same format for the icon. I picked this app because it could be like mini games to play just like the actual Hunger Games themselves so that kids know what kinds of things they'll be facing and how to use certain weapons. I think every person in the age category that gets qualified into the games would have this to be prepared.

My second app was 'The Game of Hunger' instead of 'The Game of Life'. It could be more of a fun game related to the Hunger Games. Since the people are so used to seeing death and tragedy, a game such as this wouldn't be considered cruel. It could be a board game just like the original except with different board pieces and answers.

I chose to include the weather because it played such a huge role in Katniss's story. It's an incredibly important factor because in their society there is lots of time spent outside. Katniss hunts every single day so I think she would want to know the conditions to prepare herself. It is also important in the arena because you need to be prepared to keep yourself warm or cool yourself off.

My fourth app I chose was Archer WC2. This is an actual app from the app store. I chose to include this because if you've read the book or watched the movie, you'd know that this is Katniss's one main strength. She is an archer and having a skill game such as this may help her gain skill even when she's not able to get her hands on a bow & arrows.

The next app I picked was originally 'Auto Trader' which is an app to sell vehicles on, and I turned this app into 'Squirrel Trader' because Katniss hunted squirrels mainly and went into the market to trade them. If her people had phones, she might look on 'Squirrel Trader' to find someone who would trade bread for her squirrels, etc.

My sixth app I chose to include was THN Mobile, instead of the original TSN Mobile. Obviously TSN Mobile is updates on sporting events and games, so THN-The HungerGames Network, is updates on the games. When the Hunger Games are happening, THN Mobile will send updates of deaths and player scores. When the Hunger Games are over, THN Mobile will send updates of upcoming events such as when the next games will begin and reaping dates.

The next app was HG Tube-Hunger Games Tube. This is based off of YouTube. With this app Katniss would watch past Hunger Games and gain skills and tactics from seeing other players.

Aside from all the 'Hunger Games' type of informational apps, Katniss needed some fun apps. I picked my next app to be Hot District 12.3, based off of Hot 103. Maybe she likes to listen to music while she hunts or right before she does one of her courageous acts of rebellion. I named it what it is because Katniss lives in district 12.

The next app is based off of Geo-caching. Geo-caching is an app to find treasures like a treasure hunt. There's sometimes little souvenirs from people and also a paper to sign that you found it. I transformed this into Geo-catching. Geo-catching would be an app to find animals or berries; resources that you need. You would use this special app to get clues or detect where these resources are at that moment.

My last app is a fun one for Katniss just to get away from all the game apps and hunting she has to do to provide for her family. This app is called 'Pimp Your Bow'. Sometimes when people are very interested in something such as cars, houses, or sports stuff they like to design their own or make those things the way they want them so since Katniss is so interested in archery, I made this app to customize a bow and string and arrow to whatever color she would want and style.

I hope now you have an understanding of why I gave Katniss the apps that I did. Her background on her main screen is a tree and some flowers at the bottom. There's blue sky and grass. Katniss is a very big nature person and she's seen it all. She's seen people being killed rapidly and also her town being completely destroyed. I think after all of this she would choose a pleasant background to say that she's okay and things are peaceful. I drew flames on her phone case because she's considered 'Katniss-the girl on fire'. I think this would be important to her because she was on fire. She won the games once and got out alive the second time. She was on fire and she should want to remember that and be proud of herself.

This project was fun and creative. It's interesting to put yourself into a character's shoes to see what they would be into and use in their daily life.

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