Thursday, 18 October 2012

Personal Addition #9

Just today, I remembered a trip I went on to Yellowstone National Park in the state of Wyoming. This National Park is about 1,488 km from Winnipeg and takes around 16 hours to get there! If you have ever been there you'd know how magnificent and interesting it is! It truly displays nature's beauty through colors, depth and actions.

The picture to the left is a geyser called Old Faithful. This geyser could possibly be one of the most famous in the world. Believe it or not, it it the most predictable geographical feature on Earth. It erupts every 91 minutes. I remember waiting around, walking through the park, trying to time it exactly right so we got back in time to pull out our cameras. They also have a sort of countdown of minutes until it erupts. It's truly amazing how precised something that we cannot control is. This geyser can shoot hot water up to 32 m in the air!

This picture is a spring called Grand Prismatic Spring. It is also quite famous in Yellowstone National Park. A spring is basically a point in the ground at which the surface dips below the water table. This causes water to come up from the Earth and form a pool. The water in it is said to be around 70 degrees Celsius! The colors that these springs form are so vibrant and eye-catching. I learned that nature doesn't have to be green, brown, and grey.

It blows my mind still that you can get that close to something so strange and mysterious. You look at them and want to dive in to explore. I don't think most people know much about geysers or hot springs, but they're amazing in my opinion & I'd suggest everyone goes to Yellowstone National Park at some point in their lives to experience these things.

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