Thursday, 18 October 2012

Personal Addition #10

Did you know kiwi can enhance your sleep?
Kiwi fruit is actually known to reduce asthma, wheezing & coughing from the high amount of Vitamin C in it.
While a banana is know to have say 1.6 grams of fiber, kiwi is know to have about 3.4 grams. With such a high level of fiber, kiwi can increase good bacteria in the intestines and sometimes even strengthen the intestines ability to absorb nutrients needed. Also, because of having such high levels of fiber it can help to reduce cholesterol. This means less of a risk for heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and heart attacks. Kiwi is also a good cleaner outer. It can get rid of toxins in your body and unwanted substances. There are specific nutrients called lutein and zeaxanthin, which help protect against blindness and cataracts. These two substances in general help reduce macular degeneration (medical condition, usually for old people, where there is a loss of vision in the center of their vision field because of damage to the retina). Relating back to my main question, kiwis can in fact improve sleep! It is hard to find a fruit with the levels of calcium that kiwi has, but this calcium helps with sleeping.
Aren't those good reasons to grab a kiwi next time you see one in the fruit basket?

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  1. You must be extremely passionate about kiwis to write this much about them, at most I would of wrote about 3 sentences, but every person is different. I was wondering since you like to write so much did you find the six word memoirs hard to do? And if so what was the hardest part?