Monday, 1 October 2012

Writing Reflection #4

I think overall the six word memoirs were very fun to write! You never think of these little projects as connected to professional writing or anything, and I realize I like that we’re exploring different types of writing. I think for me it was an easier project than most because I like strict rules of how long something should be or some sort of structure. There are so many categories and under the categories are so many topics. It’s very easy to think of things to write. Through creating these pieces of writing, I learned that you need to word things differently I guess sometimes to tell the whole story. These pieces are obviously very short, so the challenge is to try and express a memory or part of your life through such few words. I learned that from just six words you can learn a lot about not only the most important things about yourself, but also the most meaningful things in other peoples’ lives. The one thing that surprised me about this project was how much variety you get in the outcome of it. Everyone has such different stories being told through these six words on a picture, and I find it very intriguing. I believe I preferred writing the words over making the visuals. Writing the words is the first thing so you can kind of choose whatever you want to, but the pictures have to be connected. Therefore, since I like variety and wandering off into different topics and such, I like writing more. From doing this project, I learned that I like to take time to create writing and visuals. It’s not easy for me to be contained in a class or school to think of my life and to capture it. I like to carry these projects throughout my week to really get a better result. I’m enjoying this course so far, although I am a bit confused I guess about personal additions and how they are marked. Do we need a certain number of them, or whatever works for us?

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