Thursday, 25 October 2012

Personal Addition #15

The picture above is the Big Whiteshell Lake. This is where my cottage is. Believe it or not, my family of four shares it with two aunts, two uncles, two cousins, and my grandparents. That is what makes it so comfy and loving. It's one of my favorite places because I have so many memories there. We play lots of outdoor sports together, hike, swim, adventure, do puzzles, play cards, and many more things. I think they built a huge cottage on this island in the past few years. Think about having to go to your cottage by boat and back every time. You would have to transport everything by boat. It seems strange, but if you were retired and spent a lot of time there or even decided to live there, it would be absolutely wonderful. If you've never explored the wilderness, I suggest you do. It may seem boring trudging through pokey twigs and possibly poison ivy, but it's a great memory and makes you forget everything back home. If you get the chance to visit the Big Whiteshell Lake any time in your life, I suggest you take it!

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  1. Wow what a beautiful picture! My family and I have often spent the summer in the Whiteshell. For the most part we go old school and camp in our tents but we also have a friend who will lend us their cabin once in a while. I love to hike in the woods and up the hills. The fresh air is just so clean and fresh up there! I have gone canoeing with my dad on tones of the lakes throughout the Whiteshell. I think my favorite spot would be Tulibi Falls. It’s just slightly outside the Whiteshell but it is so beautiful in the summer. I agree that anyone who has not had the chance to go out to the Whiteshell is missing out and should make the trip one summer!