Sunday, 30 September 2012

Six Word Memoir

I chose this memoir because it means a lot to me. Someone close to me has been in the military for years now. It's not easy hearing about all the events that happen while fighting in other countries and peacekeeping. I wrote these words because I hope they do return one day. I'm very optimistic about this so I wrote it in white. I chose handwriting because I thought of letters written to people in the war way back when. I picture the people back home writing to their loved ones very neat and elegant in hopes that they'll return. I paired up the writing with this photo because in the magazine there is a picture of a plane flying over a body of water. The picture is dark and in many ways that's how you picture war obviously, dark and violent. It's not a pleasant place to be. Even working out of a base somewhere isn't the best thing because you never know when you'll be shipped off to another country. Being the person back at home, all you can really do is read about these things and learn all you can so that is why I included the magazine. I think that the whole picture ties together with the words because there is this dark and not so lovely photo of some kind of war or dispute, and then there is the light wood floor and white around the article picture. This shows that even though there is this dark image and idea, there is still brightness to it and around it which connects to my memoir saying 'I hope you return one day'. I have hope and will forever have this bright idea surrounding the dark one.

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  1. Hi I'm Victoria and I felt I could relate to this six word memoir because I'm also from a military family and have had heard about what the fighting through my dad, uncle steven and how some of their friends have gone over seas to fight