Sunday, 30 September 2012

Six Word Memoir

I chose to write these words as a six word memoir because family means so much to me. This especially applies to my father. Growing up, I've been a big sports person. Since the age of four, I have played soccer year round. My father has been to absolutely every single game that he can make it to. If he's in town, he will be at my games. I've played co-ed mini soccer, developmental, premier, recreational, and high-school. Think of how many games that has been! He has put so much time into me and the things I love to do, so when I think of the category "family" to write a memoir about, I definitely think of him. The writing is very casual and straightforward, and I think this suits our relationship because we are casual. We have never fought or argued, and our communication is very relaxed yet straightforward. I paired these words up with this photo because these are his things. The cap and jeans are pretty well known as a 'father' symbol. I'm sure no mother would wear them so it shows who I am talking about through the memoir. I also toned down the colors of the photo to make it a bit more masculine. I hope you now have an understanding of why I wrote what I did and also why I chose the picture to go with my writing!

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