Sunday, 30 September 2012

Six Word Memoir

I chose to write these words in my memoir because it's one of my confessions recently. I have lied to so many people about my tests and how my driving has gone in the past. I think only two people outside of my family know what has happened and also what I've been through relating to driving. It's not something I'm proud of, but the fact that people are so judgmental and things spread too fast leads not only me but so many others to make up lies. They're pointless, and I'm sure friends would be accepting of everything I tell them, yet I fluff everything up a bit. I chose to make my writing black because this confession/memoir isn't something I'm completely proud of or happy about. It's not exactly a bright, happy and positive thing and I think the colors portray that. Even the background color and the shadows explain my feelings about telling these lies. I chose this photo to put my memoir on because the main thing about it is the car keys. These keys are to a car and my memoir is all about that so I think it's pretty self-explanatory. There is nothing in the background except a wall. I wanted to have a blank background so that everyone would focus on the main things which are the keys and the memoir. In a way, the wall represents kind of what I feel now. I've told these lies and now I'm at this point where I don't know what to do. I've built this wall up for myself. Am I going to tell the truth and break it down, or am I going to keep building onto it? 


  1. One of my six word memoirs is similar to this one. I broke my mom's vase, about 2 years ago and she still doesn't know about it. Like you, I think I am a little afraid to let the truth from this lie I have been covering up with. I am afraid of what people will think, and although I know it's the right thing to do, it just happens to be the hardest. However it would be nice to get it off my chest.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I failed my road test three times! It was to the point where I had decided that maybe I was meant to walk everywhere for the rest of my life. I put learning to drive on hold for a couple of years, and just last year I got back behind the wheel and earned my driver's license! Sometimes there's a "bigger plan" for you, and you just don't know about it yet.