Monday, 24 September 2012

Writing Reflection #3

Six Word Memoirs
I think overall six word memoirs were fun to write. I enjoy the specific and strict number of words needed to write them. I chose to stay in the classroom for no specific reason. I don't need a specific environment to write these shorts pieces, as long as it's somewhat quiet. I finished most of the categories at school. I think a positive thing about six word memoirs would be that they are so specific and I'm organized. I like a plan to follow through on not just being told to go write a poem or an essay. One negative thing about them is that it is tough sometimes to think of such a wide topic and make it fit into six words. You have to be creative and have an open mind. From writing these, I learned that I'm not a quick thinker/writer. I like to take my time to do the best work possible. Six word memoirs, in my opinion, are rewarding because thinking about what to write about brings you back into the memories. If you can't fit the main idea into six words you have to think about more details of the memory or thought, so I think it's quite personal.

I think blogging is going very well for me. I've had some experience in the past so it's fun to make a whole new blog and have a professional touch to it. I don't find anything too hard about it or challenging since I've had experience. I guess I'd say that worrying about what other people think is the hardest thing about blogging. The most rewarding part is when other people notice your work. I'd like to set a goal for this week to visit other peoples' blogs to get an idea of how other people are presenting their work. I'd also like to keep up with my personal additions, so I'd say about four to five this week. The easiest way to achieve this is to log on every day and do one a day so that I have fresh ideas and am not thinking the same thoughts in every single post. 

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