Sunday, 30 September 2012

Six Word Memoir

I chose to write this memoir because it explains part of my past. I think it's important to look at your past and realize the good and bad sides of it. This memoir explains that someone bullied me for months over technology. The writing is white because I wanted something soft and light. I'm not mad about what happened even if I should be. It's a delicate subject to talk about. I think handwriting makes it more of a secret. It's not completely uncovered and typed straightforward. The words relate to this photo because the cyber bullying happened over text, on this phone specifically. There is nothing in the background because everything happened through this one main object. The main focus is on the keyboard leading out to the screen because that's where words come from right? Everything is typed out on that small keyboard and goes to the screen to offend other people. I think in a way the hand symbolizes two things. In the beginning, the hand belongs to someone who is receiving these words of harassment. In the end, the hand symbolizes someone who got a 'grip' on their devices and started to control the situation. The lighting says a lot about what happened. In the beginning obviously it was a dark time that is why there is dark on the left. People read left to right, so there is light on the right hand side because it cleared up. The problem got resolved and fixed. The colors fade into each other because it wasn't a distinct transition between dark and light times. There was an in between that was solving the problem, but it wasn't yet solved. I hope you now have a good understanding of why I chose the words I did and why I paired them with this photo.

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