Sunday, 30 September 2012

Six Word Memoir

I chose to write this memoir because it's the fun and relaxing part of my life right now. Being relaxed is very important to me. I am not the kind of person who always likes to being doing stuff. Having the afternoons off of school all year is a really big treat for me. Loading up on classes earlier on in high school really does pay off and I did learn that in the end hard work will give you great things. I wrote my memoir in a more fun font instead of the usual Times New Roman because of the fact that this whole memoir is relaxed and positive. I paired the photo up with the words because this is just a sneak peak of what my afternoons consist of. Yes, I do homework and clean, but my memoir talks about having it good, so I wanted to pair it with something people consider good, which is being outside in the sun. I don't have shoes on which I think shows freedom. It is a bright picture because the memoir is positive.These are a few reasons why I chose what I wrote and why I put the two things together!

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