Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Personal Addition #5

"Grown-ups love figures. When you tell them you've made a new friend, they never ask you any questions about essential matters. They never say to you, 'What does his voice sound like? What games does he love best? Does he collect butterflies?' Instead they demand, 'How old is he? How much does he weigh? how much money does his father make?' Only from these figures do they think they have learned anything about him."
-Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince

I picked out this quote because I agree with it so much. From reading this I'm considering that this could be a main idea of why there are so many divorces & misjudgements nowadays. People are focusing on numbers, statistics, and how other people might judge things. The fine details are usually the most interesting and a lot of people tend to pass these things by. They think they know a person, but people are so complex that you'll never know everything about someone. It's quite amazing in my opinion.


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