Thursday, 13 September 2012

Rambling Autobiography

I was born five years before a millennium, when the price of a dozen eggs was eighty-seven cents. I love the quiet, calm, and cuddly demeanor of a kitten. I can't resist the melting, icy chocolate treat called a fudgesicle. I rush home from wherever I am just to slip into some ragged, worn-in sweats. When I was six I didn't understand what nail polish remover was and put it all over the bathroom. So, my parents built me a tree fort; the most breath-takingly magnificent tree fort I had ever laid my eyes on. I lied to my best friend when I was younger and told her I was from Thailand; she believed me. I can still smell old carpet and pastries when I think of my grandparents' house. I can't think of a better sound than nature, such as birds chirping, raindrops pattering against the windows, and the wind blowing through the trees. I am just a student in high school, but I aspire to be more than just that.

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